It Wiid ↔ Earnewald

Earnewald (Eernewoude) is a very nice sports town with unprecedented opportunities for water sports and nature lovers. In the summer include known for skûtsjesilen in winter known for his skating marathon on natural ice.

Earnewald is centrally located in the heart of the Frisian lake in the beautiful wetlands’ De Alde Feanen and the Princenhof. Unique natural areas that are excellent navigable for not too large vessels.

With the many terraces and waterfront restaurants and the ability to navigate a large part of Friesland from Earnewald Earnewald is a tourist attraction for anyone who loves water sports.

In winter Earnewald skating is an attractive area with its many lakes, canals and lakes offers unlimited skating enjoyment. The Princenhoftocht, Jan Durkspolder Tour and 100 of Earnewald attract thousands of participants.

With It Wiid Earnewâld has a large and beautiful bungalow, the perfect base for a holiday.

Earnewald we bungalow below, click on the photo or the text for more information.

Bungalow nr. 207